About K33







What the brand stands for

How do you say Appk33p?

It’s read apkip like the ap in apple and keep in keeper, because after we work together, we’re going to be the apple of your eye and you’ll think we’re a real keeper. The name is derived from UPKEEP, which is the process of keeping something in good condition.

But when all else fail, you can simply remember us as K33. K means a thousand, and number 33 means a lot of things that echo what we stand for like:

It resonates with the energies of compassion, blessings, inspiration, honesty, discipline, and courage – these are the energies that comprise our culture, our corporate DNA.

It symbolizes guidance – our mission is to guide organizations towards greater heights through technology.

And the best part is it tells that’ ’all things are possible’’ – We strive to make everything we put our hands to a thousand times possible.

Fusion leads to Evolution

K33 address needs and challenges by delivering technology solutions that adhere to industry best practices. Our expertise and experience in Digital Platforms Development, Applications, Solutions, and Robotic Process Automation ensures the best engagement in future proofing your company.

The K33 Imprint

Businesses grow or change, just like people.

K33 started as builders of purposeful, secure, and beautiful technology products – web and mobile apps, software systems, and other digital tools and platforms with a mission to amplify ideas and render with precision.

We breathed and lived mapping user journeys and features and functions where the primary goal is ease of use or efficiency, and so we find it easy to relate to any business process to be employed with RPA.

Our customary practice of applying the high-power combination of User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Design comes handy too in RPA projects where architecting best visual presentation is required.

The primary purpose of everything we built and will build is to address existing operational or business issues. Our services remain the same – making processes as seamless as possible.

Through RPA, we provide the best technology solution to get rid of old and new problems that are holding back the growth of your business or your employees.