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K33 also partners with awesome products and businesses that border on cutting-edge breakthroughs in their respective fields. If you have a revolutionary product or service that you feel can make a difference in how companies conduct their businesses, (K33 can make your ideal a reality). K33 can connect you to its networks of potential customers.

Recruitment Automation Redefined

Resume Management

Streamlines the process by bringing applications front and center through a centralized repository

  • Resumes en-route can be reviewed anytime so you can quickly move the apt ones forward and let go of the rest
  • Our platform accepts any file format that a candidate submits, means no time wasted on technicalities

Centralized Communication

Discuss and share notes with team members, Post feedbacks and ratings as well as assign tasks and roles to each member all in one screen.

  • Keep track of when and how you have been in touch with an applicant
  • Have conversations about each candidate w/ team members by sharing notes – write reviews, score
  • No need to track down team members for candidate info or status update; no more hassle of email follow-ups

One Click Social Sharing

Instantly make job postings on multiple Social Networking Sites or add your preferred social networking site

  • Allows you to drive traffic by posting directly to your social media accounts w/o leaving the platform
  • You can add any social networking site you want the job posted to

Calendar Integration

Ready for integration to any Calendar Apps to ensure that hiring activities are scheduled

  • Easily integrates your calendar of choice and automatically syncs with the platform’s calendar
  • You’ll be able to access your schedule of hiring tasks on your personal calendar w/o having to logon into the platform

Boost Referrals

  • Every employee has a deep pool of potential candidates in their network, thus making referrals the most reliable source of potential high-quality candidates.
  • Let’s you track where candidates came from – which social network, which employee, etc.

Score Card Comparison

  • Lets interviewers rate and compare candidates all in one screen
    • Roles can be defined for each team member
    • Eliminates individual tracking of team members for updates and interview results
    • Saves huge amount of time on follow-ups and results submissions

Audio & Text Feedback

  • Captures activities as well as records your thoughts about candidate performance and qualifications.
    • Enables consolidation of all interviewers’ comments, views, feedbacks
    • No need to dig-up or go back and forth on specific emails and files

Automated Scheduling

  • Adaptive system that consolidates all phases of the hiring process to help make your scheduling convenient and optimal.
    • Allows integration of team members calendar tool/s
    • Automatically sends notices via email to candidates and interviewers

Customizable Hiring Channels

  • Create, modify, remove stages of the hiring process as well as assign relevant members to handle a stage process.
    • Flexibility in configuring desired hiring stages
    • Adopts to any company’s fast paced and changing needs


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